Group Purpose and Focus:

Preserve Rural Sonoma County’s (PRSC) purpose is to protect the rural character of Sonoma County from the encroachment of industrial spirits processing complexes, event centers, commercial/hospitality activities and other non Ag uses on agricultural lands.

Our focus is on land use policies and effective regulations to govern the permitting of wineries, distilleries and event centers.


  1. Actively support policy, regulatory solutions and enforcement that sustain long-term cooperation among residents, businesses and the Ag community.
  2. Work collaboratively to develop a comprehensive approach to ensure retention of Sonoma County’s quality of life and the future health of our region – economically, socially, and environmentally.
  1.   Share information and leverage action across groups through public outreach
  • educate, advocate and organize to protect our families and neighborhoods, addressing traffic safety, noise, water availability, infrastructure and other impacts on the quality of life
  • challenge winery and event center projects and other commercial/industrial projects in inappropriate rural locations- those that are out of compliance with the general plan, zoning codes and environmental laws