PRSC leadership represents a wide variety of environmental and concerned citizen groups throughout the county.  


Padi Selwyn, 5th District

Judith Olney, 4th District

Leadership Team:

Hilary Avalon, 5th District

Todd Board,1st District

Marc Bommersbach, 4th District

Kathleen Connelly, 1st District

Annie Dobb-Kramer, 2nd District

Craig Enyart, 1st District

Eszter Freeman, 2nd District

Kerry Fugett, 2nd  District

Annie Lee, 5th District

Janus Holt Matthes, 5th District

Chris Meyer, 3rd District

Laura Morgan, MD, 5th District

Jane Neilsen, 5th District

Kathy Pons, 1st District

Denny Rosatti, 5th District

Chris Stover, 5th District