6% – Ernie Carpenter asks why the impact of the wine industry on the watershed, wildlife and the environment is ignored.


Balance – Ernie Carpenter discussed the corporate-ization of the wine industry and how it changing the face of Sonoma County forever.


$$$ – Ernie Carpenter calls out the Board of Supervisors for rolling over for the wine industry. Follow the money.



Defining agriculture – Ernie Carpenter explains how the grape industry is industrializing ag lands, that were never meant to be commercialized with event centers.


Harmony/greed – Ernie Carpenter calls on the Board of Supervisors for help so the rest of us can live in harmony with the wine industry.


Sense and sensibility Ernie Carpenter demands that the wine industry take responsibility for some of the problems they create.


Social justice – Ernie Carpenter holds the wine industry feet to the fire for not addressing environmental and social justice issues. 


Sustainability – Ernie Carpenter challenges the wine industry marketing buzz for anointing themselves as sustainable.


Water – Ernie Carpenter challenges the wine industry non-sustainable use of our water resources.


Not going away – Ernie Carpenter accuses the wine industry of callousness by ignoring the negative impacts they create for residents.


How The Redwood Empire became The Wine Country – Ernie Carpenter describes the changes in the wine industry and why we should be concerned about the industrialization of agricultural lands.


Sublime Sonoma County – Padi Selwyn, PRSC, talks about the problem with overdevelopment in the wine industry in Sonoma County.


Please Help get out the word to our Supervisors – Padi Selwyn encourages community involvement.