1.     Preserve Rural Sonoma County created a broad coalition with community members from every Supervisor District – and countywide groups. All told, we represent thousands of voters.

2.     We have stopped bad development projects that threatened neighborhoods, traffic and safety. Ie: the proposed Dairyman event center outside of Sebastopol in the Laguna

3.     We created a spin-off group to work on the Local Coastal Plan.

4.     We successfully mounted a campaign to keep the Fifth District in tact during the County Redistricting process.

5.     PRSC raised awareness of the wine industry’s green washing $u$tainability campaign, educating the public that sustainable is NOT organic.

6.     PRSC published a list of organic and biodynamic wineries to support their businesses.

7.     PRSC pressured the County to create a winery working group where members of the industry and neighbors could meet and discuss issues.

8.     PRSC lobbied the Board of Supervisors to develop a Winery Event Ordinance to create consistency in policies and protect neighborhoods from inappropriate projects.

9.     PRSC has educated the community about the impacts of tourism.

10.  PRSC is working on a state-wide level to limit development in high fire risk zones.